10 questions evolucionists are not able to answer to criationists

10 Questions for Evolutionists

  1. When the "Big Bang" (big bunk!) supposedly began the universe - what banged? Where did that first piece of matter come from, if not God? Where did the energy come from that caused the bang? Where did the space come from that the bang expanded into?
  2. How did legs evolve into wings without first being part leg and part wing, which would be inferior for locomotion to either fully implemented? Wouldn't this make extinction more likely as the creature would have a harder time getting food and evading predators? (The same question can be asked of scales and feathers, or gills and lungs, and other organs).
  3. Which evolved first, plants, or the insects that pollinate them?
  4. Which came first, the DNA message, the RNA carrier, or the protein, when producing each of them requires the others to already be there?
  5. Why would the amoeba even bother to evolve into "advanced" creatures like the dodo and dinosaurs that went extinct, when the amoeba is still around?
  6. How did life learn to reproduce itself, or even know there was a need to?
  7. With whom did the first cell capable of reproduction mate?
  8. Why would anything naturally reproduce when it would only create competition for food, environment, resources, and a need to provide and work for them?
  9. Which came first, the digestive system, the food to be digested, the knowledge of the need for food, the ability to find food, to know what food is, what to consume and how to consume it, the digestive juices, or the body's ability to resist being destroyed by the same acids that digest food?
  10. How did whales know to be purposely born breach (upside down) so as not to drown during birth? Mammals are born headfirst (except partial-birth abortions, where they are turned around on purpose so they can be killed by having their brains sucked out). Did all the baby whales drown until evolution figured out that they couldn't be born like other mammals? Remember, they had less than a generation to make the evolutionary correction, one generation of drowning whales would've caused extinction. *** These ought to be a challenge for most evolutionists who can't usually explain "which came first, the chicken or the egg?"

Author: Teno Groppi

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