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 23, 2008) (David
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We are pleased to announce the publication of the book
 and the
separate video presentation entitled DRESSING FOR THE

One reader said: "I finished reading 'Dressing for the
 Lord' this
morning, and Sir, you have hit the nail right on the
 head! This is
the best and most comprehensive work I've ever seen on
 the dress
issue; praise God! The book is super and really needs
 to be read by
Christian men and women the world over."

There was a time, just a few years ago, when a message
 like the one
contained in this book was heard from fundamentalist
 and independent
Baptist pulpits across the world, but that is no
 longer the case. All
too often, any kind of preaching about clothing has
 become an oddity,
an embarrassment, or a type of "legalism." The
 resistance of the rock
& roll culture to such preaching is so pervasive that
 many pastors
have decided to ignore the matter of dress, thus the
 battle is lost
simply because the ground is abandoned. Yet if ever
 there ever were a
time when preachers need to warn their people about
 clothing issues,
it is today. Modern society is drenched with
 indecency. A Vogue
fashion show would make ancient Corinth blush.

To lay a solid Bible foundation for modesty, we give a
exegesis of about 25 key Bible passages from Genesis
 to 1 John, and
from these Scriptures we develop Bible principles that
 can be applied
to any nation or culture.

The chapter titles include "The Origin of Clothing,
 "Clothing Is a
Language," "The Captains of the Fashion Industry,"
 "Isn't This
Basically the Man's Problem?" "Bible Guidelines for
 Clothing," "A
Study on Biblical Modesty," "Worldliness and the
 Christian's Dress,"
"Pants and the Christian Woman," "Pushing the Edge on
Standards," Questions Answered on the Issue of
 Christian Dress,"
"Testimonies from Christian Women on the Issue of
 Modest Dress,"
"Survey of Men on the Subject of Women's Dress," and
 "Sources for
Ready-made Modest Clothing."

The section on "QUESTIONS ANSWERED" deals with 36
 common challenges,
such as "Since God looks on the heart, why be so
 concerned about
appearance?" "Men are going to sin anyway, so what is
 the big deal?"
"Shouldn't we just teach the Bible and let the Holy
 Spirit deal with
this issue?" "I believe dress standards just produce
 pride and
hypocrisy"; "As an older woman I don't think the
 modesty issue is
very significant for me"; "God is the business of
 changing hearts,
which is more important than dress"; "I am not
 personally convicted
about dressing the way you describe"; "Should women
 only wear drab
sack dresses?" "I wear pants because there are many
 things I can't do
in a dress"; "In Bible times both men and women wore
 robes"; "I only
wear feminine pants"; "Preachers that preach against
 pants are
mean-spirited and just want to dictate"; "Wearing
 dresses is
old-fashioned and we should not be weird"; "Those who
 preach against
pants on women are legalistic"; "Some pants are more
 modest than some
dresses"; "What about the issue of modesty in other
 cultures?" "What
about tattoos and piercings?" "Isn't the sincerity of
 the heart the
important thing?"

"I think it is tremendous. Looking forward to seeing
 this published!"
(Don Williams of the Hephzibah House)


The two-hour DVD video presentation is based on the
 book. The
messages were recorded in July 2007, at Knobs Hill
 Baptist Church in
Tower Hill, Illinois. Brian Snider, who has created
 all of our DVD
presentations, has done a truly masterly job with this
 new one.

A multiplicity of photographs of individuals, books,
 and video clips
are professionally mixed into this high-quality
 presentation to
illustrate the message. (There are no pictures that
 are in any way
immodest in the video presentation, and it is suitable
 for showing in
churches to mixed audiences of all ages.)

THE DVD IS $19.95

U.S.A.-CANADA--15% ($4.00 minimum)
FOREIGN--To be computed at the time of order


Payment must accompany order.

"I received 'Dressing for the Lord' and it is
 fantastic! I am so
thankful that you wrote it. There are many helpful
 suggestions in it
and truths that I had never thought of before.  Once
 again, thank you
for upholding the Word of God and for preaching the
 whole counsel of
God. You have presented God's truth in a very gracious

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