What does thank you really mean?

Chris Galatin


(Poem sent to Valdenira by her daughter Raquel, 1999).





" Thank you" is one of those wonderful phrases
people use to express a special gratitude.

But there's often a lot more to it
     than those two words can say.

When it comes from the heart, from deep inside
the nicest feelings and the most special thoughts,
Thank you"means so much.
It means thank you for taking the time to show
     that you care. It means "you really made my day,"
     and sometimes it means that you really make all
     the days so much better.
It means you make me feel so nice,
     and I wish I could do the same for you...
just by letting you know how much you mean to me.

"Thank you" means you didn't have to...
but I'm so grateful that you did.
Thank you" means that you've done something special
          that I'll never forget.