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[The following material is from O Timothy magazine, Volume 12, Issue 12, 1995. David W. Cloud, Editor. This material cannot be placed on BBS or Internet sites without express permission from the author. Any articles which are redistributed by e-mail or print must be left intact and nothing must be removed or changed, including these informational headers. Copyright 1995 by David W. Cloud. All rights are reserved by the author. O Timothy is a monthly magazine. Annual subscription is US$20 FOR THE UNITED STATES. Send to Way of Life Literature, Bible Baptist Church, 1701 Harns Road, Oak Harbor, Washington 98277. Phone (360) 675-8311. FOR CANADA the subscription is $20 Canadian. Send to Bethel Baptist Church, P.O. Box 9075, London, Ontario N6E 1V0. The Way of Life Internet web site is]


The following quotes are from John Ashbrook's book Axioms of Separation (Here I Stand Books, 8686 Hilltop Drive, Mentor, OH 44060):

"Trying to take a stand, while remaining all positive, is the halfway house between fundamentalism and new evangelicalism. It always leads to the weaker position, not the stronger one."

"You cannot preserve a position without crusading for it."

"Thousands of churches have fallen to new evangelicalism while trying to be silent fundamentalists."

"In any fellowship of fundamental men there will be differences of opinion. Separation does not standardize all decisions."

"There has never been a time in this dispensation of grace when the enemies of the Gospel have so actively sought the support of the Lord's people."

"Every fundamentalist gathering I attend has less protest and forthrightness than the one before."

[From "Digging in the Walls," O Timothy magazine, Volume 12, Issue 12, 1995. O Timothy is a monthly magazine which is available by subscription from Way of Life Literature, 1701 Harns Road, Oak Harbor, Washington 98277. Subscription price is $20.]