A Conversão de Uma Boa Mulher

Acts 16:11-15

I. The Abundance of Her Life v. 14a
1. Her Riches "a seller of purple..."
2. Her Rights (conducted business, ruling class?)
3. Her Reception (had access to the rich)

II. The Appetite for Spiritual Things "worshipped God..."
1. She Had a Desire
2. She Made a Declaration (she was one of the number)
3. But she was Damned (not in goodness, morality, position)

III. The Arrival of the Truth v. 13
1. A Man
2. A Message
3. A Miracle

IV. The Attendance to the Preaching "heard us"
1. A Belief
2. A Breaking
3. A Baptism

V. The Ability to Serve the Lord
1. A New Soul-Consciousness
2. A New Sharing
3. A New Sincerity

Asia-Pacific Institute of Biblical Studies
tradução por Valdenira N. de M. S.

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