A Estrada de Damasco

Atos 9

Intro. Pointing to the other side of the road, a friend told another friend, "Thatís where Frank had his wreck." In this memorable chapter, the Holy Spirit takes us to the crash site of Saul of Tarsus. This is a road every Christian must travel.

"And Saul" (9:1) the big rig - "chief" of sinners (I Time. 1:15) --"threatenings and slaughter" (9:1) Saulís wreckless travels"to Damascus" (9:2) The unforgettable scene--


1. The Road Of Confrontation (v. 3,4)

Saul had a "head-on" collision with the Lord Jesus Christ

A. Of a sudden nature - "suddenly" (v.3)

B. Of a supernatural nature - "heaven" (v.3) son in his eyes!

C. Of a subjective nature - "fell to the earth? (v.4)

Saul couldnít go any further /Ananias=tow truck.


2. The Road of conversion (v. 4-6)

There was a change in his attitude and actions.

A. A spirit of helplessness - on his face; in the dirt (v.4)

B. A spirit of openness - "Who art Thou, Lord?" (V.5)

C. A spirit of willingness - "What wilt Thou have me do?" (V.6)

"Later...."by the grace of God I am what I am" (I Cor. 15:10_


3. The Road of Continuation (v. 7-31)

"Not a dead end street / a side street / a bad street

A. Leads on to maturity - (v.7-19)cf. Phil. 3:12-14

B. Leads on to ministry - (v. 15; 20-31)

C. Leads on to majesty - cf. 2 Tim. 4:6,7

"No fatalities: The only thing that dies is a love for sin and self!

Conclusion: My cousin, Rev. Stephen Newman, had a terrible car wreck at the age of 19. After many weeks, he recovered consciousness, and, miraculously, he lived. Through this ordeal, the Lord not only saved his life, but his soul, and also called him to preach and pastor. God may not use a literal car wreck to bring us to salvation, but we must all have a Damascus Road in our lives.

Sermon From Evangelist Tom Hayes
Saluda, NC

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