A Estrada de Jericó

Lucas 10:25-27

My first trip to the River Lark, the baptismal site of C.H. Spurgeon, was rather exciting.   It had been raining, and my friend, Evangelist Bob Sanders, and I, were not sure which road we should take.  We took a farm road and ended up in a muddy field. Thankfully, however, we were able to turn around, and eventually find our way.  The Jericho Road is a terrible road, but there is hope of restoration.

Look at this road from three angles:

I. The Route That Leads Us To The Jericho Road
There must be connections; junctions; and other paths.
A. A downroad road- "down from Jerusalem" v.30
B. A distinguished road- known as the "snakepath"
C. A dangerous road- "wounded...half dead" v.30

II. The Robbers That Leave Us On The Jericho Road
*There are always bad influences on our Jericho  Road:
A. There are selfish robbers- "thieves"
B. There are severe robbers- "stripped...wounded"
C. There are savage robbers- "half dead"

III. The Redemption That Lifts Us From The Jericho Road
*Thank God! The ditch scene is not the end of the story!
A. Redemption and its intervention/ help-"came...etc"
B. Redemption and its ingredients/healing- oil/wine
C. Redemption and its instructions/hope- "inn/"come again"


In the greater Atlanta, Georgia area, the traffic problem has become a major concern. There are special task forces now assigned for those who break down or have needs on the highway system.  "Hero Units", as they are called, come to the scene, and do whatever is necessary for the distressed.  Bless the Lord!  Like the "Hero Unit, " the Lord Jesus comes to our aid when we are broken down on the roads of life.  He will not leave us in distress!

Sermon From Evangelist Tom Hayes
Saluda, NC

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