O Nascimento de Jesus Cristo

“Ora, o nascimento de Jesus Cristo foi assim: Estando Maria, sua mãe, desposada com José, antes de se ajuntarem, achou-se ter concebido do Espírito Santo.” (Mt 1:18 ACF)

This is the time of year that we celebrate the birthday of Jesus. Sometimes, we get so caught up in the festivities of the event that we lose sight of the real meaning of what Christmas is all about. There ‘are the Christmas trees with all thier decorations, the giving of gifts, the parties, and the family get-togethers. But, through it all, there shines forth the star of hope to a world stumbling along in darkness. Jesus is still the beautiful star of Bethlehem.


Jesus was born of a woman, just like you and I were. But, His birth was different in that it was not His beginning. He always had been, was, and will always be the eternal One. The Bible tells us that Jesus birth was the word of God becoming flesh (see John 1:14). This Is God becoming flesh to dwell among the human race in order that He might reveal Himself to mankind and become our sin sacrifice so we could be saved.

“E o Verbo se fez carne, e habitou entre nós, e vimos a sua glória, como a glória do unigênito do Pai, cheio de graça e de verdade.” (Jo 1:14 ACF)



Jesus had no earthly father. Joseph was only his legal guardian, not his real father. His mother was the virgin, Mary. According to the Scriptures, this woman had never known a man. The power of the most high God came upon her, and she conceived a child of the Holy Ghost (see Luke 1:34, 35). Mary never knew a man until after Jesus was born. It is necessary that we understand and believe in the virgin birth.

“34 E disse Maria ao anjo: Como se fará isto, visto que não conheço homem algum? 35 E, respondendo o anjo, disse-lhe: Descerá sobre ti o Espírito Santo, e a virtude do Altíssimo te cobrirá com a sua sombra; por isso também o Santo, que de ti há de nascer, será chamado Filho de Deus.” (Lc 1:34-35 ACF)



According to Matthew 1:21, the purpose of Jesus birth was that He become the Savior. Many were the accomplishments of Jesus while He was here on the earth. He healed the sick, fed the hungry, comforted the broken hearted, and even raised the dead. These are great things, but the greatest of all things that Jesus was born for was to be the Savior of lost mankind. Let s celebrate the birth of Jesus in the right manner.

“E dará à luz um filho e chamarás o seu nome JESUS; porque ele salvará o seu povo dos seus pecados.” (Mt 1:21 ACF)



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