O Plano de Salvação de Deus, ele é Simples

Acts 16:19-40

Introduction: Much argument over what salvation is or is not. Here is an easy explanation.

1. His Circumstances (God's Sovereignty)

a. God Knew Where The Jailor Was - vs 23-24 (Inner Prison)

b. God Knew What It Would Take To Get Paul And Silas There - 19-24

c. God Knew What They Would Do When They Got There - vs 25-27

c. All You Can Say Is "But God!"

2. His Conversion

a. His Want - 28-30 (How did he know they were "saved?")

1. He saw what they had and wanted it.

1. God will not save you against your will!

b. Their Witness - vs 31-32

1. The Method of Salvation - "believe .. word of the Lord"

Titus 3:4-7

2. The Person of Salvation - "Lord Jesus Christ"

a. Lord - His Soveriegn
(You cannot separate His Lordship from His Salvation)

b. Jesus - His Sacrifice or Saviour
(Sufficient and Accepted)

c. Christ - His Singleness (ANOINTED)
(He is the only way of salvation)

3. His Change

a. Vs 24 - He thrust them in
Vs 33 - He took them out

b. Vs 23 - They laid on them many stripes
Vs 33 - He washed their stripes

c. Vs 24 - He jailed them
Vs 33 - He followed them (baptized)

d. Vs 24 - Made their feet fast in the stocks
Vs 34 - Set their feet under his table

e. Vs 24 - He rejected God
Vs 34 - He believed God

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