The Journey Ahead

"Which have borne witness of thy charity before the church whom if thou bring forward on their journey after a godly sort, thou shall do well" (3 John 1.6)

Life is a Journey - - a space of time - - cut out of eternity. In this space we are born, we appear on the stage of life and do our little act, and then move off and make room for someone else to do the same. As Christians, our Journey is a pilgrimage from earth to heaven because this world is not our permanent home. When we were saved, we became citizens of heaven. Therefore, our Journey is a forward and an upward Journey. But, what can we expect along our way?


There is no way for us to look Into the future and know the dangers that lurk in the shadows and dark places of life. Our enemy, the devil, seeks our destruction In any possible way. Satan and all his emissaries hate God*s people Just because they are God*s people. We love truth, purity, righteousness, and holiness, as God does, but the devil hates everything that is good and godly. We must depend onGod to lead our path around all the traps and pitfalls of Satan.


There is nothing that will cause more disturbance In the mind than trying to figure out the unknown. Psychologists tell us that indecision can drive one insane. People go to every source and extreme trying to find out the future. However, the Bible says that "ye know not what shall be on the morrow" (James 4:14). But, God knows. We need not dread the unknown when our ways are committed to Him.


God has always known everything. God has never been lost, confused, surprised, or disappointed. That is what it means to always have known everything. How wonderful that we have Someone like this to direct us on our Journey through life! There are many decisions that we must make every day, and the wrong one could bring on a lifetime of regret. But, when we are directed by the all-knowing God, we are always safe. So, may we face all our future life under the direction of the One who knows it all!

Pastor Billy Bryant
Marion, NC - USA  28752

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