A Estrada de Bet‚nia

Jo„o 11

Intro. Different roads bear different characteristics and features. Some roads are known for their layout; some are known for their speed; others are known for their traffic; and even others are known for their dangers. The Bethany Road has several attributes.


It is not a foreign road. This chapter is loved by all Christians.

It is not a final road. This is not the last chapter.

It is not a forsaken road. This is a chapter filled with Christ.


The Bethany Road Is:


1. A Road of Sorrowful Moments

A. Lifelessness - v. 1-16 (Lazarus is dead) You and I have a Lazarus

B. Loneliness - v. 21 (Lazarus is missed) memories - reminders

C. Lamentation - v. 19;31-33 (Lazarus is mourned)

"With life comes sorrow and grief; "full of trouble" (Job14:1)


2. A Road of Special Ministries

"With trouble comes divine assistance...

A. The ministry of time - "four days" (v. 17) Divine delays heal

B. The ministry of truth - "I Am: (v. 25) Something to hold on to.

C. The ministry of tears - "Jesus wept" (v.35) "touched" (Heb. 4:15)f


3. A Road of Supernatural Manifestations

"The supernatural is seen in that:

A. Jesus overcame death - "he that was dead" v. 44

B. Jesus overcame decay - "loose him" v. 44

C. Jesus overcame detachment - spirit/soul rejoined to body

"If He raised Lazarus, he can bring hope back into our world."


Conclusion: Our youngest daughter, Akaisha, was diagnosed with a tumorous mass taking up to 65-70 percent of her body cavity when she was 14 months old. To say the least, the lights seemed to go out in our world. I know Iím not Martha, and I donít live in Bethany, but when I was at my lowest, these words came alive in my heart, "I am the resurrection and the life." May they live in all of us.

Sermon From Evangelist Tom Hayes
Saluda, NC

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