A Estrada de Emaús

Luke 24


Introduction:  My wife, our youngest daughter, and I, drove around part of Lake Livingston in East Texas.  The little street that took us part of the way was named "Loop Road."  Finally, to my surprise.  It brought us back to where we were previously.  The Emmaus Road is a loop road of sorts.  The followers of Chris were brought back to where they were before, in the blessedness of His presence.

On the Emmaus Road:

I. The Stranger Turns Out To Be More Than A Stranger!

A. Christ's strange presence- v.13-16 "drew near" /didn't know
B. Christ's strange perception- v.17 "sad"
C. Christ's strange procedures- v.17-24 "What things?" etc...
*He asks questions to search our hearts (Jn. 8:5-6).

II. The Sermons Turns Out To Be More Than A Sermon!
*Not just another sermon; an 8-9 mile sermon!

A. The Preacher of the text-Christ; (v.25-27)
B. The Presentation of the test- Christ; "concerning Himself" v.27
C. The Producer of the text- Christ, the divine Author!

III. The Supper Turns Out To Be More Than A Supper!
*What made this meal so special?

A. It was not what they ate but Who was with them!
B. It was not where they ate, but Who was with them!
C. It was not when they ate, but Who was with them!
*"opened"==They had seen someone break bread like that before!
They went back to Jerusalem, hearts burning, and revived, back again!

When I was in grade school, one of the fellows in high school brought a boomerang to the playground.  Standing on the hill, he threw a strange object, and caught it as it made the loop back to him.  Similarly, the Lord brings us back to the road we desire to live on.  Oh, may we see the benefits of the "loops" of life!

Sermon From Evangelist Tom Hayes,
Saluda, NC


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