A Estrada de Jerusalém

(Mat 21:1-11)

Intro:  Most tourists have a difficult time driving on our mountain roads.  Accustomed to straight, wide roads, the visitors can't adjust to the different scene.  The Jerusalem road, however, is the same from every vantage point.
It is a road of triumph and victory!

*From Mt. Olivet, it is a road of triumph and victory.
*From Mt. Zion, it is a road of triumph and victory.
*From Mt. Calvary, it is a road of triumph and victory.
*It is Christ's triumph and victory; & ours as we identify with Him!

To walk the Jerusalem Road of triump and victory is:

I. To Experience Humility In His Presence (v.7,8)

A. The Lowly Animal (v.7)--stallion, not high horse
B. The Lowly Actions (v.7)- put on clothes; put him on donkey
C. The Lowly Attitude (v.8)-strawed garments; strawed branches
*"God resisteth the proud but giveth grace unto the humble."

II. To Express Honor For His Person (v.9-11)
*No one was exalted but Christ!

A. His Royal Person- "Son of David"(v.9)
B. His Righteous Person- "cometh in the name of the Lord" (v.9)
C. His Ruling Person- "Blessed be the King" (Luke 19:38)

III. To Enjoy Harmony With His People (v.1-11)

*One harmonious mass praising God? How?
A. Every person had his own task-disciples v.1-7/others (v.7-11)
B. Every person had his own territory- before; behind (v.9)
C. Every person had his own tongue- "all cried out" (v.9)
*There are no big "I's" and little "you's" in the kingdom of God!

I am not a big Nascar racing fan, but I do knot that the winner of a race takes a "victory" lap, goes down "victory" lane, and enters the "winner's circle."  Christ has taken His victory lap and entered the winner's circles via victory lane.  Now, let's celebrate with Him!

Sermon By
Evangelist Tom Hayes

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