Saved To Serve

John 13:1-17

I - Jesus is showing them that He was a SERVANT {vv 4-5}
- We must be servants not seeking position or recognition
- The Lord saved us to serve

II - Jesus is showing them the need for CLEANSING {vv 6-10; Ex 29:4, 30:17-20}
- It was required to be cleansed to enter the priesthood in the OT
- We as believers are kings and priests unto God and must be cleansed as well {Rev 1:6, 5:10}
- It is serious business to enter into the work of the Lord without being cleansed

III - We should be SERVANTS as the Lord served and we should FORGIVE others as He forgave {cleansed} us {vv 14-15; Eph 4:32; Matt 6:14; Heb 12:14-15}

IV - To serve God we must come to Him to allow Him to wash our feet {forgive us} {vs 17}

- Barry Darnell

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tradução por Valdenira N. de M. S.

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