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The Tragedy and Consequences of Divorce

A Christian friend who has been examining his ancestry recently told us about the fearful consequences of a divorce which occurred in his family just a few generations ago. I asked him to write this down anonymously, and the following is the sad account:

My great grandparents on my grandmother's side had four children--one boy and three girls. My great grandparents were godly people who loved the Lord, and left the Presbyterian church in Kansas around the turn of the century because of worldliness and apostasy. All four of their children married, and all four of them made a profession of faith between the ages of 9 and 11. One daughter had no children. Another daughter married in Red Lodge, Montana, in 1905. They had two daughters, one of whom never married, and then they divorced in Yakima in 1922. This was the first divorce ever heard of or recorded in the family, and when this divorce occurred it was reported that one of her sisters was heard sobbing and crying over this tragedy. In 1925 she married again. To this day, from this union, there have been twelve divorces, eleven children born out of wedlock, one homosexual, and out of approximately 56 descendants, maybe three have graduated from college, none have been in full time Christian work, and many have lived lives that are not honoring to the Lord. In contrast to this sad tale, consider the son of my great grandfather. He attended Bible school and was a missionary to China for almost 20 years, had two children, one of whom died as an infant, and the other child had two children. The third daughter of my great grandfather married and had five of their own children, and adopted two more. Of the son and the last daughter who did have children there has not been one single divorce; they have all graduated from college; there are no homosexuals; no children were born out of wedlock; and all claim to be born again and are involved in some church.